Toro IMPOP-RSR Part Circle Impact Sprinkler

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Toro IMPOP-RSR Part Circle Impact Sprinkler.

Toro Impop

The IMPOP-RSR impact sprinkler can be used for dirty water on above grade installation by mounting on a pipe/riser in agricultural and turf applications.

Weighted guide arm controls stream and prevents side splash onto buildings, streets or walkways.

Five interchangeable, colour-coded nozzles from 5.7-28.7 Lpm

Matched precipitation rates

Full circle or adjustable part-circle in one (20° to 340°)

Heavy duty plastic construction

Radius reduction screw allows up to 25% reduction

No tools needed to change nozzles

3.4mm (Black) nozzle pre-installed

Toro Impop-RSR 

Size 15mm (1/2”) male external thread
Recommended operating pressure 300-350 Kpa
Maximum operating pressure 480 kPa
Flow rate 5.7-28.7 Lpm
Five colour coded nozzles Orange, Red, Black, Blue & Green