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Toro Flex800 Series Golf Rotors FLX54 DCLS 40mm Inlet

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FLX54-546-4 Sprinkler

Toro Flex800 Series Golf Rotors FLX54    Full Circle Sprinkler

DC Latching Solenoid

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The FLEX54 sprinklers offer a full circle only option in the NEW FLEX800TM Series. The dual trajectory main nozzle provides exceptional performance at the 25° standard angle position and great performance in windy applications at the 15° low angle position. The consistency of the constant velocity full circle drive ensures even water application across the coverage area every time you water.

Features & Benefits.

Dual Trajectory 25° or 15° The 25° setting provides maximum distance of throw and the 15° setting provides improved wind performance, radius reduction and obstacle avoidance.

Industries Largest Nozzle Selection Nozzles from 15.8m – 30.5m radius plus a wide assortment of back nozzles lets you put the precise amount of water exactly where you need it. All nozzles threaded in from front.

Constant Velocity Full Circle Drive
Ensures consistent rotation speeds when matched with station run times for
even water application across the coverage area, every time you water.

• Dual Trajectory adjustment on main nozzle – 25° or 15°

• Full circle sprinklers

• Fixed pressure at 65 and 80 psi Recommended Operating Pressure Range:

This Sprinkler uses a 40mm BSP to ACME Adaptor ( Sold Separately)



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