Tavlit 25mm Screen Filter 120 Mesh


Tavlit 25mm Screen Filter 120 Mesh

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Tavlit 25mm Screen Filter 120 Mesh


Tavlit Screen Filters are used for protection in drip, spray and sprinkler watering systems.

Ideal for drip, spray and sprinkler filtration.
  • 1 ” BSP Swivel Inlet and Outlet
  • 120 Mesh Screen
  • Easy take apart for cleaning
  • Maximum working pressure 800 kPa
  • Maximum flow 85 Lpm.
  • Filtration screen – polyester.

Tavlit 25mm Screen Filter 120 MeshTavlit 25mm Screen Filter 120 Mesh

Do You really need a filter?

Yes.  Every irrigation system needs to have a filter.  No matter how clean your water is, a filter is cheap insurance to guard against debris entering your irrigation system.  Even small particles in the water can cause drip emitters to become clogged.  Unfortunately, most times we don’t notice a clogged dripper until we see a plant wilting and at that point it may be too late.  We strongly recommend adding a filter to your system.  You will find that all of our drip irrigation kits include a filter.

How do I choose the right filter?

There a few factors to consider when choosing a filter for your irrigation system.  Which are:


  • Water Source
  • Emitting Device
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Space at Water Source