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Hunter BTT Tap Timer

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Hunter BTT

Tap Timer Hunter Battery Operated Bluetooth

Automatically irrigate gardens, plants, and flowers from a hose faucet
BTT provides efficient light irrigation to even the smallest landscapes.

BTT is easy to operate and simple to set up, and is designed for use with a hose faucet. It gives users convenient options to remotely program irrigation from their smartphone, and avoid climbing around shrubs or stepping on delicate plants to operate.

BTT includes long-lasting batteries, and
uses a mobile iOS® or Android™ app with two irrigation modes and two start times each to program watering schedules. The built-in, push-button manual start allows up to one hour of manual irrigation with automatic shutoff, without the need for a smartphone.

BTT makes simple irrigation quick and affordable, and is the perfect add-on item for
contractors to offer additional service and easy maintenance.

• Bluetooth-enabled programming for easy wireless smartphone control
• Manage unlimited number of devices
• Multi-language mobile app
• Independent Timer and Cycling modes
• 6- and 24-hour maximum run times
• 7-Day Rain Delay period
• Manual push-button operation
• Automatic water shutoff after 1 hour
• Red LED low-battery indicator
• Secure passcode protection
• Rugged screen filter
• Includes quick coupler adapter
• Drip system ready with optional BTT-LOC
• Alkaline batteries included
• Warranty period: 2 years