Swivel 2 Outlet Manifold

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Swivel 2 Outlet Manifold

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Swivel 2 Outlet Manifold Tavlit

Swivel 2 Outlet Manifold

The Tavlit swivel manifolds make it easy to install solenoid in a number of combinations making it compact to fit in the valve box.

Using a manifold like this valves can be added or removed with ease by the way of the swivel nut.

  • Speed up installation and simplify maintenance.
  • Swivel fitted with O-Ring as standard – no teflon required for sealing.
  • Made with Reliability, Long life and durability in mind.
  • High chemical resistance.
Technical Specifications:
  • Max. working pressure:10 bar,(145 psi).
  • Components used are made of Fertilizer resistant materials.
  • Threads : B.S.P.