Spear Irrigation Manifold Elbow 25mm

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Spear Irrigation Manifold Elbow 25mm

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For use in residential automatic and manual irrigation systems.

• High strength glass filled HDPE construction – superior impact and freeze resistance over PVC manifolds
• Pressure Rating: 1034 kPa at 20°C
• O-ring sealed swivel connections –require no thread sealant and allows hand tight assembly for positive seal
• 25mm male and female BSP threads

• Easy to install – no cutting, no glueing, no thread tape – saves time
• Makes the valve assembly neat
• Additional valves can be added conveniently
• Valves can be removed without cutting the valve manifold which speeds up the process of replacing faulty or damaged valves
• No glueing means the valve manifold can be pressurised immediately
• Swivel connectors mean the valve manifold takes up less room