Senninger Xcel Wobbler 24 degree Sprinkler



Senninger Xcel Wobbler

Senninger Xcel Wobbler 24 degree Sprinkler.


Above ground sprinkler installation for all row crops and mining heap leach processes.

Senninger’s high angle (24 degrees) Xcel-Wobbler maximizes the area of coverage. Its unique off-center rotary-action provides extremely uniform coverage at low pressures with a very low evaporative loss.


  • New balanced design produces a smooth, stable performance.
  • Only one moving part for longer life.
  • Built for strength and durability using high-impact engineering grade thermoplastics, no metal parts.
  • Inlet Size: 15mm Male.
  • Flow rates 0.05 L/s – 0.47 L/s.

Senninger Xcel Wobbler  XCel_Wobbler_24_Degree1 Click For Brochure

HIGH ANGLE Off-Center Rotary-Action Sprinkler

With its maximized area of coverage, it is ideal for under-tree applications and nursery canopy applications.  This is an impressive sprinkler that will throw 34 feet at only 10 psi water pressure!

Made of  high-impact grade thermoplastics.