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Senninger Pressure Regulator

Senninger Pressure Regulator PSR.

It’s critical to accurately monitor and control pressure fluctuations on any irrigation system – and more so on low pressure system. Sprinklers and applicators are designed to operate within a range of pressures and flows that provide optimal performance. Small changes in pressure can quickly become large flow variations.

Pressure regulators maintain an applicator’s flow and distribution uniformity while increasing a system’s efficiency. When the pressure produced by a pump is too high, a regulator can be used to help prevent over-watering, runoff and plant disease.

Senninger Pressure Regulator PSR. Senninger Pressure Regulator PSR.


Why do I need a Regulator?

No matter what type of irrigation system you install – be it drip or sprinklers – correct system pressure is essential for optimal distribution uniformity and proper flow through the drippers.

Drippers and sprinklers are made to operate within a specific range of flow and pressure.

Do Your drippers blow off the line or is the flow greater than it should be, then you need a pressure regulator.

All Pressure Regulators have a 20mm BSP inlet and outlet.                                   Senninger PSR Wide Flow Range Regulator 1.9 – 57 LPM.

PSR15 – 100 kpa

PSR20 – 140 kpa

PSR25 _ 170 kpa

PSR30 – 205 kpa


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PSR15, PSR20, PSR25, PSR30