PRLV Pressure Regulator

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Senninger Pressure Regulator PRLV

Senninger Pressure Regulator.

PRLV – Limit Valve

For use in place of standard pressure regulators to limit static (no flow) water pressure when a shut-off valve is used downstream of regulation point.

Limits downstream pressure to no more than 15 psi (1.03 bar) above regulated pressure during static (no flow) conditions

• Very low hysteresis and friction losses

• Large flow path resists plugging.

Senninger Pressure Regulator PRLV

Pressure regulators maintain an applicator’s flow and distribution uniformity while increasing a system’s efficiency. When the pressure produced by a pump is too high, a regulator can be used to help prevent over-watering, runoff and plant disease.

 Senninger Pressure Regulator PRLV

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