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Rural B Poly Pipe Fitting FI Adaptor Thread

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Rural B Poly Pipe Fitting FI Adaptor Thread

Rural B Poly Pipe Fitting Female Adaptor FI Threaded

Norma Rural Fittings


Complete range of compression fittings allows assembly on rural polyethylene pipes.  All components work together smoothly to guarantee a reliable and efficient joint.


• Body, Nut: virgin polypropylene in master batches, UV stabilized.
• Clamp ring: Acetalic resin
• Rural pipe insert: Green acetalic resin
• Gaskets: Food safe rubber (NBR)
• Colour Body: Black
   Nut: Green
• Taper male thread (pressure tight)
• Parallel female thread (pressure tight)
• Maximum pressure: 600 kPa
Certificates: Australia (Rural AS 2698-2) Selection of 7 types from ¾” to 2″

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1 1/2"X 1 1/2", 1 1/4"X 1 1/4", 1"X1", 2"X2", 3/4"X 3/4"


R31-2020, R31-2525, R31-3232, R31-4040, R31-5050