P8 Snap Dripper Bag of 1000


P8 Snap Dripper Bag of 1000

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Snap Dripper 8 Lph

These dripper is a simple, economic dripper and is designed for applications requiring a reliable, consistent flow at low pressure.

The two part design allows for easy disassembly if cleaning is required and the dripper tap snaps securely back into the body.

  • The snap dripper delivers a flow rate of 8 Lph at a pressure of 100 kPa.
  • the 4mm barb can be installed directly into 13mm, 19mm or 25mm low density poly pipe or used with 4mm riser tube to place the dripper away from the pipe.
  • These drippers are great for use in agricultural and landscape.
  • Manufactured from UV stabilized polypropylene, ensuring optimum material stability and a extended life span.
  • The dripper is easy pulled apart for cleaning.
  • As with all drippers, a 120 micro filter should be installed at the supply.

25mm Swivel 1″ BSP Inlet/Outlet 120 Mesh Filters.

  • Swivel Inlet/ Outlet
  • 120 mesh screen filter.
  • Easily taken apart for cleaning.
  • Effective compact filter with minimal flow loss.
  • For  Pressure (up to 800 kPa).
  • Flow Rate 85 Lpm.
  • Filter Screen Polyester