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Norma Cobra Clips Packs of 20

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Norma Cobra Clips

Norma Cobra Clips

Stainless Steel Clips

The low profile of NORMACLAMP® COBRA one-piece clips
allows the exact fitting even in very narrow assembly conditions.
The fitting is fast and easy.

  • Self-adjusting diameter = compensation for tolerances in the hose outside diameter
  • Bead = safe guidance of the band
  • Colour code = different nominal diameters can be quickly distinguished
  • Protruding tool gripping points= simple and safe assembly
  • Marking: Production date and machine number
  • Single lock-in point = visual check for correct assembly without difficulties
  • Clamp band with rounded edges = hose protection
The advantages at a glance
  • One-piece hose clip
  • Fast and easy fitting
  • Maintenance-free fit

norma cobra clips

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13mm, 19mm, 25mm