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Lasco Irrigation Manifold Two Outlet 25mm

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Lasco Irrigation Manifold Two Outlet 25mm

For use in residential automatic and manual irrigation systems.

LASCO Fittings offer a Male UltraZone Manifold System with double and manifolds for residential and commercial irrigation. UltraZone, by LASCO Fittings, is a modular manifold system with a unique telescoping design for adjustability. The system accommodates replacing valves (with different lay lengths) without cutting or adding new parts. UltraZone fittings are interchangeable with most competitive brands.

Used to connect multiple valves in irrigation systems
LASCO’s telescopic manifold system accomodates replacing valves (with different lay lenghts) and without cutting or adding new parts
Male valve connectors connect directly to female valves without the need for a coupling
Bigger O-Rings for leak free connection
Parts are all hand tightened (except for glued connections)
No teflon tape needed for assembly
Pressure rated at 150 psi, tested to over 480psi.


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