Impact Brass Sprinkler 20mm BSP Full Circle

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Impact Brass Sprinkler 

Impact Brass Sprinkler 20mm BSP Full Circle

The sprinkler VYR-35 is an agricultural full circle sprinkler, made ​​of brass and with a 3/4″ male connection. Its axis and springs are made of stainless steel, and their O-rings and washers in stainless steel, Teflon and special polycarbonates to resist contact with the more aggressive fertilizers in market . 

This sprinkler is designed to work under a flow range between 660 and 3300 l/h, at pressures between 1.75 and 4.5 BAR and a cover range between 13 and 18 meters of diameter. The sprinkler VYR-35 works with one nozzles which is at 26 degree angle to the horizontal plane. Their average time of rotation comes to be approximately 40 sec. / 360 (3 BAR, 4.40 x2, 40 mm).


  • Range distance: 13 – 18 m.
  • Flow: 660 – 3270 l/h.
  • Working pressure: 1.75 – 4.5 bar.
  • Area: Full circle.
  • Nozzles: Two nozzles: one main nozzle and a secondary deflector nozzle
  • Trajectory angles: 26º and 26º.
  • Maximum stream height: 2.4 m.
  • Rotation time: Depending on the pressure and the nozzles, the rotation will be constant and continuous.


  • Medium flow agricultural impact sprinkler.
  • 3/4″ male connection.
  • Made of brass and stainless steel.
  • High-resistance rotating joints.
  • Nozzle angles of 26º and 26º.
  • Designed for full coverage irrigation offering best compliance with spacing standards in the market.
  • Leading sprinkler in the agricultural market.


  • Height: 14 cm
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Weight: 430 gr