Hunter PGP-04CV Ultra Sprinklers W/Check Valve Pack Of 10

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Hunter PGP-04-CV Adjustable Sprinkler


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Hunter PGP-04 Ultra Adjustable Sprinkler Pack Of 10

Hunter Ultra PGP-04CV Adjustable Sprinkler With Check Valve

What does a check valve do on a sprinkler head?
Without check valves built into the body of the sprinkler, water leaks out of the lowest sprinkler in a zone. Check valves prevent this type of drainage from happening. Sprinkler head check valves also help to conserve the amount of water needed to fill the pipes each time the sprinklers begin running.


Hunter PGP-04 Ultra Adjustable Sprinkler 

Hunter PGP-04 Adjustable Sprinkler, are the biggest selling gear drive sprinkler in the market.

The PGP Ultra takes the foundation of the best-selling PGP Rotor and raises the bar with a variety of new features developed over three decades of research, customer feedback, and lab testing, among the most notable improvements of the PGP Ultra is its non-strippable drive and automatic arc return.

These two features work to allow the turret to be turned without causing damage, and return the turret to its original arc regardless of where it is turned, other advanced features include 34 nozzle options with several radius choices, and a headed slot and set screw, the diversity of the PGP Ultra offers system installers an array of efficient options on any site.

Operating Specifications

  • Radius: 4.9 to 14.0 m
  • Flow rate: 0.07 to 3.23 m3/hr; 1.2 to 53.8 l/min
  • Recommended pressure range: 1.7 to 4.5 bar; 170 to 450 kPa
  • Operating pressure range: 1.4 to 7 bar; 140 to 700 kPa
  • Precipitation rates: 10 mm/hr approx.
  • Nozzle trajectory: Std = 25 degrees, Low angle = 13 degrees
Why Choose PGP Ultra?

• Pop-up sprinkler rotates silently then disappears when the job is done.

• Waters evenly and efficiently

• Has precise pattern control with no bothersome backsplash onto walkways or    buildings

• Whisper–quiet rotation, without impact or clatter.

• Patented non–strippable, vandal–proof drive mechanism enables the turret to be turned without causing damage

• The most reliable rotor on the market, the PGP Ultra now has a 5 year warranty

Benefits of PGP Ultra

• Automatic arc return: Returns to the original arc regardless of where the turret is  turned

• Patented non-reversing 360º for part and full circle in one model, from 50º to 360º

Includes an easy–to–install, square top rack of 8 standard nozzles. Optional racks  of short–range nozzles for smaller areas are also available

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