Hunter HC Flow Meter 25mm

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Hunter HC Flow Meter 25mm

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The simple-to-install HC flow meter, now with additional range options to accommodate larger pipe sizes, allows customers to better monitor flow rates in systems with Hydrawise-enabled Wi-Fi controllers. When connected to the Hydrawise platform, the HC flow meter provides a convenient option to detect, monitor, and report critical flow zone data and total system flows.

By including an HC flow meter as part of a Hydrawise system installation, customers add an additional layer of landscape protection. This ensures their investment is monitored, their plants are healthy, and their outdoor living space remains in excellent condition. For contractors, a flow meter is a great way to build their businesses through increased offerings and top-level customer service, as problems can be addressed immediately before landscape degradation occurs. For landscape designers, the HC flow meter adds an extra security that helps preserve their thoughtfully designed landscapes.

The HC flow meter connects to Hydrawise-enabled controllers, allowing for:

  • Flow monitoring
  • Instant high- and low-flow alerts
  • Leak detection
  • Water outage during irrigation
  • Total water use reporting
  • Zone water use reporting

The HC flow meter now accommodates additional ranges. The metric 25mm BSP threads and an on-meter, dial-type gauge that displays readings in m3.

  • Flow meter connects to Hydrawise™ ready controllers
  • Report total water use by zone
  • Monitors irrigation system for high, low, and unscheduled flow conditions
  • Dial allows for manual reading of flow totals in gallons
  • Factory calibrated reed-switch, scaled pulse output
  • Temperature range (water) – up to 40°C
  • Electrical connection – Direct wire to controller
  • Accuracy – 2% (+ or -) at recommended flow
  • Material: Brass body with PVC cap

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