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HR-Products 50mm Solenoid

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HR-Products 50mm Solenoid Valve

HR-Products 50mm Solenoid With Flow Control.



Designed for use in all irrigation systems, turf,
landscape and agricultural watering projects.


• Rugged PVC construction to withstand constant
1033kPa pressure and up to 370  LPM.
• Slow closing to prevent water hammer.
• Internal Manual bleed.
• Flow control.
• Accepts latching solenoid for use with battery
operated controllers (model: DC/LC E2002).
Operating Range:
• Pressure: 100 – 1034 kPa.
• Flow: 227-370 LPM.

HR Products 50mm Valve


• 24VAC cycle solenoid power requirement: 0.41 A inrush current, 0.23 A holding current.

• Ribbed, heavy duty PVC contruction for UV resistance and corrosion protection.

• Durable heavy duty moulded diaphragm.

HR-Products 50mm