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Hansen Water Tank Reservoir Float Valve



Hansen Water Tank Reservoir Float Valve & Level Valve

Hansen Water Tank Reservoir Float Valve & Level Valve

A Reliable High Performance Reservoir/Tank Valve

  • High performance cost effective Reservoir/Tank valve
  • Adjustable Minimum and Maximum on off control (50mm – 2.5 metre)
  • Suitable for High/Low pressures (0.2 bar – 12 bar)
  • Delivers high volumes of water quickly with unrestricted full flow (1275 l/min at 12 bar)
  • Patent pending “self cleaning pilot” for use in clean/dirty water conditions.
  • Soft open and close action preventing valve bounce and water hammer
  • Strong compact design
  • Threaded outlet for use with a diffuser tube, ideal for high flows, eliminating turbulence
  • Punch out anti-syphon holes for multi tank filling or diffuser installations
  • Manufactured from strong, non corrosive UV stabilised materials

The Hansen Leveller Valve has been designed for tank installations where a level differential is required to stop pumps and water systems cycling (continually switching on and off).

The new design features afloat and weighted ball that enables the user to set the valve to open at the minimum fluid level and close at the maximum fluid level.

The Leveller Valve features the Hansen diaphragm configuration with “Self Cleaning Pilot” which has been designed for soft open and close thus reducing water hammer and increasing pump and water systems life expectancy.

The Leveller Valve has been designed to operate reliably in high and low pressures (0.2 bar – 12 bar) and in Clean and Dirty fluid conditions.