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Blue Line Poly Fittings Tee

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Blue Line Poly Tee

Alprene Compression Fittings

Blue Line Poly Tee


Complete range of compression fittings allows assembly on metric polyethylene pipes. Disassembly not required for all sizes. All components work together smoothly to guarantee a reliable and efficient joint.


  • Body, Nut, thrust ring: virgin polypropylene in master batches, UV stabilized.
  • Clamp ring: Acetalic resin
  • Gaskets: Food safe rubber (NBR)
  • Reinforcement ring: stainless steel AISI 430
  • Colour Body: Black Nut: Blue (150year life)
  • Taper male thread (pressure tight)
  • Parallel female thread (pressure tight)
  • Maximum pressure: -20o C +20o C 15 – 63mm 1600 kPa
  • 20o C +20o C 75 – 110mm 1000 kPa
  • Certificates: Australia (AS 4129)

Blue Line Poly Tee

Assembly Instructions

Ø 16 – 63

Please check all components (seal, thrust ring, a split ring). Cut the pipe square and deburr it. Grease the seal, in case it is dry. Partially unscrew the nut
Mark the insert depth on the pipe. Push the fitting on the pipe through the split ring until the first stop, meaning you have reached the seal.
Push the pipe through the seal until you reach the pipe stop of the fitting.
Tighten the nut as tightly as possible. Tightening with Poly16 Plus dedicated wrench recommended up to size 40.
Components and detailed notes

A complete range of compression fittings allows assembly on all types of polyethylene pipes (PE-HD, PE-LD, PE 80, PE 100) and PEX-a with no need to disassemble the fitting. After loosening the nut, the pipe can be inserted directly to the pipe stop (Pushfit type).

The body, in black polypropylene, is designed and manufactured as a unique modular construction with axial 1. reinforcements. The production batch number is marked on the body, ensuring easy traceability.
The thrust ring, in polypropylene, applies pressure on the lip gasket after the nut has been tightened allowing an ideal compression of the gasket on the pipe. The thrust ring grips the body so that it cannot be lost in cases where disassembling of the fitting is required.
2.1 For fittings Ø 75-90-110: The polypropylene thrust ring defines while tightening the nut, the compression of the spring gasket (see Pt. 5′).
The floating split ring, in polyacetal, allows perfect resistance to possible pull-out forces without having a negative impact on the tightness of the fitting.
The nut in light blue polypropylene offers an outstanding resistance to impact. The nut is perfectly resistant to UV rays, too.
The only fitting with “pre-lubricated double lip gasket” in NBR patented by George Fischer allowing to overcome: ovalized scratched-undersized pipes. Thanks to the active sealing system, the double lip gasket guarantees a perfect adherence to the pipe increasing the contact surface. The double lip gasket grants high resistance in case of vacuum and/or suction, too.
5.1 For fittings Ø 75-90-110: A fitting with spring gasket that simplifies and speeds up the insertion of the pipe assuring a perfect and constant seal and resistance to the internal pressure even in the case of ovalized/scratched-undersized pipes, thanks to the particular shape of the gasket that covers a wide surface of the pipe. The lip-shaped of the inferior part of the gasket allows its optimal placing into the seat of the body and the constant keeping of its position during the time granting a high resistance also in the case of vacuum and/or suction.

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25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm