Antelco Asta Stake Hold Down Bag of 25

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Antelco Asta Stake

Antelco Asta Stake Hold Down Bag of 25

Ideally suited for 13mm and 19mm Poly Pipe

For holding Dripline and LDP pipe in position. Locks around the pipe to stop losing stake, its longer length means it is more suitable for looser soils.

Antelco Asta Stake Hold Down

The Asta® Stake range provides a simple solution to the variety of spray heights needed in growing landscape and home gardens. UV stabilized materials for long life. Agricultural, landscape and home garden applications.

Our range of HR Products low-density poly fittings come in three sizes 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm.
We have Barbed Elbows, Joiners, Tee’s, Clips, Directors and more. Our range includes male and female BSP fittings used for sprinklers, risers, and valves.
Our range also includes the Antelco Quick Shutoff Valves in 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm.

We recommended the use of Ratchet clamps to hold the fitting securely in the pipe for all LD poly pipe fittings.