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4mm PVC Flex 25 Meter Roll

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4mm pvc tube

4mm PVC Flex 25 Meter Roll

4mm Flex tube is ideal for connecting 4mm micro irrigation. The flexible PVC material provides a strong, reliable grip onto any sharp 4mm barbed fitting.

With the secure grip you get from the Flex tube, you can “reliably” run your micro irrigation to your pots, planter boxes, hanging baskets and throughout your garden beds.

Gone is the hassle & worry, of the system blowing apart! The connection between the tube & the fitting is most important.

We also stock a range of HR Products low-density poly fittings come in three sizes 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm.
We have Barbed Elbows, Joiners, Tee’s, Clips, Directors and more. Our range includes male and female BSP fittings used for sprinklers, risers, and valves.
Our range also includes the Antelco Quick Shutoff Valves in 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm.

We recommended the use of Ratchet clamps to hold the fitting securely in the pipe for all LD poly pipe fittings.